Our mailing address: P.O. Box 973 Simsbury, CT 06070

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Welcome to summer baseball. Our program is based on two simple principles, improving baseball fundamentals in all facets of the game and behavior. Our summer program enjoys an excellent reputation throughout New England which is based on our success and behavior.

Please keep in mind we have zero tolerance for poor behavior from our coaches, players and parents.

General Gudlelines:

Respect your teammates: Like you, your teammates will make mistakes, and sometimes will make them more than once. Negative comments and attitude will only tear them down, as well as tear down the team.

Respect your coaches: Your coaches are all volunteers and take time out of their schedules to allow you the opportunity to play baseball. This means also respecting their decisions regarding playing time, lineup, etc. If you question something they decide on, talk to them after the game or practice away from other players. Do not have your parents do the talking for you.

Respect the umpires: The umpires are the final say on all decisions. If you disagree with a decision they made, talk to the coach. If needed the coach will talk to the umpire.

Respect the other team: Negative comments to players on the other team only lead to more problems. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it at all.

Respect parents: Your parents feed you, clothe you, take you to games, and allow you the opportunity to come out and play, and they deserve your respect.

When coach is talking, stop what you are doing, and pay attention. What they have to say pertains to you and your teammates. 

Negative conduct relating to any of these will lead to loss of playing time.

Practices and games

Please call 2 days in advance if you will not be attending, or think you may be late for a game or practice. Emergencies or scheduled events (church, family events, etc) with little notice will be the only exceptions. Failure to do so will affect your playing time.


Have fun, play hard, be the best you can be….