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The following is our parent and player contract that is agreed to by payment of your summer team fee.
Participation is governed by all roster requirements reflected in the Farmington Bank League Rules and Babe Ruth International Rules. 

Parent Infractions

  • No parent, family member, or friends are permitted to heckle, harass or use derogatory, profane or vulgar remarks or gestures towards the players, coaches, managers or umpires. Any parent, family member, friend or fan that violates this rule will be asked to leave the ballpark immediately. Ejection from the ballpark will result in a 5 game suspension of the player and the parent will not be allowed in the ball park for the remainder of the season.  A second offense will result in the suspension of the player for the remainder of the season.
  • Under no circumstance should a parent instruct a player during the course of a game. This includes calling a player over to discuss his performance. 
  • This applies to home and away fields.

Player Infractions

  • Fighting – suspension for the remainder of the season
  • Physical contact with an umpire  or coach – suspension for the remainder of the season 
  • Ejection from one game – 3 game suspension
  • Ejection from a second game - suspension for the remainder of the season
  • Equipment throwing – at the discretion of the manager, immediate dismal from the field or benching.
  • Equipment throwing 2nd offense – 3 game suspension
  • Leaving the field of play without authorization from the Manager - 3 game suspension. A second offense will result suspension for the remainder of the season.
  • Unexcused absences - without authorization from the manager will result in a 1 game suspension.
  • Fees will not be returned for games a player is suspended
  • The Simsbury Babe Ruth Board reserves the right to discipline or suspend a player for unsportsmanlike  behavior not otherwise outlined in this contract.

A suspended player must dress and sit on the bench during the suspension. Failure to attend a game during suspension will not count towards the suspension. A suspended player will miss the next three on the schedule whether league or tournament.

Infractions must be immediately reported to the League President and the Summer Director.